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PHYS 241 Final Exam (Spring 2010)

PHYS 241 Final Exam (Spring 2010) - The Petroleum Institute...

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Page 1 of 12 The Petroleum Institute PHYS 241 – Physics II Electromagnetism and Optics Final Examination Spring Semester 2010 Time allowed: 2½ hours Instructions to Students: Answer all questions in the space provided (use the back of the page if needed). Show all your work and Underline or Box the final answer. Refer to the formula sheet for relevant formulae and constants if needed. You may start with any question you prefer. Name: Instructor : (Mark with ‘X’) ID: “I pledge that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this academic assignment, exercise, or examination.” _________________________________________ Signature of Student --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Instructor’s use only) Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Total /16 /16 /17 /17 /17 /17 /100 Dr Kofi Agyeman Dr Kevin Dean Dr Reza Najafzadeh Date: Sunday 30 th May 2010
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Page 2 of 12 Question 1 (a) Two equally charged particles are initially held at a distance of 3.2 10 - 3 m apart and then released from rest. The initial acceleration of one particle (of mass 6.3 10 - 7 kg) is 7.0 m/s 2 and for the other particle the acceleration is 9.0 m/s 2 . (i) Calculate the mass of the second particle. (2 marks) (ii) Calculate the magnitude of the charge on both particles. (2 marks) (b) At a certain position along the central z -axis of a uniformly charged plastic disk of radius R , the magnitude of the electric field is one half of the magnitude at the exact centre of the disk. Determine the value of z in terms of R . (4 marks) (c) By applying Gauss’ law including a suitably drawn Gaussian surface, obtain an equation for the
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PHYS 241 Final Exam (Spring 2010) - The Petroleum Institute...

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