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Unformatted text preview: Electromagnetics Group. 3 HW.4 Deadline 2/8/89 1) A spherical distribution of charge exist in the region . This charge distribution is concentrically surrounded by a conducting shell with inner radius and outer radius . Determine and V everywhere. 2) Three charges are arranged along the z-axis at , respectively. a)Determine V and E at a distant point b)Find the equations for equipotential surfaces and streamlines. 3) Consider a sphere with radius dielectric media with constant condition. and electrical potential . We put this sphere in a new . Find the potential of sphere in the second 4) A dielectric sphere of radius is centered at the origin. A uniform electric field (without the dielectric sphere) is applied . The potential( with the sphere) is given by a) Find b) Find c) Find for for for and center at the origin is filled uniformly with tiny for . 5) The upper half of a sphere with radius dipoles in the direction. Potential measurement on the axis shows that a) Find the polarization vector b) Find at the origin caused by these dipoles 6) The region is filled by dielectric material with relative permittivity . This region is exposed to the external field a)Determine the surface bound-charge density at b) Find volume bound-charge density c) Calculate the total bound-charge 7) Consider a conducting sphere with radius and total charge . A dielectric sphere with radius and constant surrounds this conducting sphere. a) Find the electrical potential at the center of conducting sphere b) Determine the surface and volume bound-charge density in dielectric sphere ...
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