HW5 - ± µ É ± ¸ É ± Ê and we have ± µ ± ¸ ...

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Electromagnetics HW.5 Group. 3 Deadline 16/8/89 1-The radius of the core and the inner radius of the outer conductor of a very long coaxial transmission line are ± ² and ± ³ , respectively. The space between the conductors is filled with two coaxial layers of dielectrics. The dielectrics constants of the dielectrics are ´ µ for ± ² ¶ ± ¶ · and ´ ¸ for b ¶ ± ¶ ± ³ . Determine its capacitance per unit length. 2- A capacitor consists of two coaxial metallic cylindrical surface of a length L and radii ± ² and ± ³ . The dielectric material between the surfaces has a relative permittivity ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾¿± . Determine the capacitance of the capacitor. 3- Consider a parallel plate capacitor with surface area A and plate distance d . The permittivity of the dielectric between plates varies linearly from ´ µ to ´ ¸ À a) Show that the capacitance equals: Á » Âô ¸ Ä ´ µ Å Æ ÇÈ Ã ´ ¸ ´ µ Å b) Find the volume bounded charge density in dielectric 4- Three conductor shields are centered at the origin with radii
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Unformatted text preview: ± µ É ± ¸ É ± Ê and we have ( ± µ ¶ ± ¸ ¶ ± Ê ÅÀ The inner and outer shields are connected to the ground. We put the charge Q on the third shield. Find the energy of this system. 5-The total charge Q is distributed uniformly on a conductor sphere with radius R . Find the force applied by the upper half of the sphere on the lower half. 6- The conductors of an isolated two-wire transmission line, each of radius b , are spaced at a distance D apart. Assuming D>> b and a voltage ± between the lines, find the force per unit length on the lines. 7- A parallel-plate capacitor is placed in a dielectric liquid with permittivity ² . In both cases below, find the increase in the level of liquid between capacitor plates. The surface of plates equals S , distance between plates d , density of the liquid ³´ and potential between plates V . a) b)...
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HW5 - ± µ É ± ¸ É ± Ê and we have ± µ ± ¸ ...

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