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Unformatted text preview: Electromagnetics Group 3 1- A uniform current density HW. 8 Deadline: 7/9/89 flows in a very large rectangular block of homogeneous material of a uniform thickness having conductivity . A hole of radius b is drilled in the material. Find the new current density in the conducting material. 2- Consider two infinite coaxial cylinders with radius a and b for inner cylinder and outer one respectively. The space between these cylinders is filled with a medium whose permittivity ( is proportional to and its conductivity varies inversely with the distance from the axis. A voltage applied between two cylindrical surfaces. Determine: a) The preserved energy in this system b) Power dissipation c) Resistance of this system 3-Two conducting sphere of radii that have a very high conductivity are immersed in a poorly conducting medium of conductivity and permittivity . The distance, d, between the spheres is very large in comparison with the radii. Determine the resistance between the conducting spheres. 4- Assume a rectangular conducting sheet of conductivity , bounded by the planes x=0, x=a, and y= 0, y= b and boundary conditions as follow: x =0 : V=0 x=a:V= y =0, y = d : Determine the current density everywhere inside the sheet. 5- Consider a capacitor with spherical surfaces of radii and ( of surfaces is . Determine the resistance of this configuration. 6- For each of figures shown below determine: a) Current density b) Preserved energy and dissipated power c) Electrical resistance between two surfaces . Distance between the centers is ...
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