ENVR 202 - The Evolving Earth - Winter 2008 - M-1. Lapointe

ENVR 202 - The Evolving Earth - Winter 2008 - M-1. Lapointe...

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The Evolving Earth - Winter 2008 ENVR 202, Section 01: The Evolving Earth McGill School of the Environment Winter semester 2008 Class Time: Tuesday/Thursday: 14:35 - 15:55 in McConnell Engineering 304 . Note that in winter 2008 section 01 downtown and section 51 on the Mac campus are taught by different professors and to some degree are different courses; it is NOT possible to attend comparable lectures on both campuses. You are in the downtown course (sec 01, CRN 854) and working under the terms of this syllabus. Instructors: Michel Lapointe, Geography, [email protected] Martin Lechowicz, Biology, [email protected] Brian Leung (course coordinator*), Biology & MSE, [email protected] Jeanne Paquette, Earth & Planetary Science, [email protected] * All questions regarding administrative matters (MINERVA problems, missed exams, late papers etc) should be directed to the course coordinator, Professor Leung. Communication by email is preferred as it provides everyone a written record of the exchange, but feel free to meet before or after class as well. Teaching Assistants: Stefanie Kulhanek, Biology, [email protected] Stephanie Palmer, Earth & Planetary Sciences, [email protected] Office Hours: There are no fixed office hours in this course. Use the main bulletin board on WebCT for questions about course material so that everyone can share in the exchange. With regard to private matters, you can best contact us by email or after class; we will make an appointment as necessary to deal with bigger problems and questions. E-mail address : THIS IS OFFICIAL MCGILL POLICY. As a service to students, the growing need for timely and efficient communication requires that McGill University institute a policy establishing e-mail as an official means of communicating with students. In order to implement e- mail as an official means of communication between the University administration and students, timely receipt of announcements and notifications must be guaranteed. To this end, e-mail routing must be confined to the University’s network, and delivery to the official e-mail address must be verifiable. The policy applies to any student who is, or has been, assigned a Uniform E-Mail Address (UEA), as well as McGill employees who manage official communications with students. In other words, make sure you have access to your unique McGill Uniform E-Mail Address (UEA) and always use it when communicating with us. Do NOT try to use the email in WebCT – this does not work; the message will never reach us. Intercampus shuttle: Should you want to use library resources on the Macdonald campus, remember that the shuttle bus running between the two campuses is free. The shuttle schedule is at http://www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/campus/services/shuttle/. Remember that there are MSE offices on both campuses that you can use as a "home base" for meeting other students and TAs: 3534 University downtown (398-2827) and Rowles House (398-7559) at Macdonald. 1
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ENVR 202 - The Evolving Earth - Winter 2008 - M-1. Lapointe...

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