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Knowledge and ideas in early modern philosophy PHIL 198 Study questions for final exam You will be asked to answer one question from each of the three sections. I. Explain Berkeley’s claim in Principles §91 that idealism “does not detract from the reality of things”. Do you agree? Why or why not? II. Explain the following passage from Hume’s Treatise 1.3.6: “Perhaps ‘twill appear in the end, that the necessary connexion depends on the inference, instead of the inference’s
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Unformatted text preview: depending on the necessary connexion.” III. Is Hume a sceptic? Discuss either with relation to his treatment of the idea of necessary connection or his treatment of external existence (or both).You might also compare Hume to Descartes (Sixth Meditation), Locke (“no body can, in earnest, be so sceptical as to be uncertain of the existence of those things which he sees and feels”: 4.11.3) and Berkeley ( Principles §§86-9)....
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