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Abstract: The Report on M&A Decision in Logistics Industry 2006 - 2007 1. Profile of China’s logistics industry Modern logistics in China has metamorphosed culture introduction in 1980s to pilot program of logistic and distribution centre built-up in early 1990s and evolved into full-fledged industry by the end of 1990s. China’s logistic industry has been experiencing fast growth driven by sustainable national economic expansion. In 2006, total volume of logistics in China has been RMB 59 trillion growing 17% over last year. This sector has been developed in a physically sound way under improved infrastructure and external environment. Added value has reached to RMB 1.4 trillion in 2006 up 12.1% over last year. The transportation fee has been RMB 2.1 trillion increasing 12.1 %. The increase can be seen in inventory and delivery service along with 16.7% of custodial fees. Over all scale of logistics has been stepped up. Logistic cost and its share in GDP have decreased. Demand and supply in logistics remain moderate. Delivery, processing and packaging has been on the high plateau with fast growth. Total volume and growth of China’s logistics industry 𨤼 Nowadays, only 1% of registered logistics companies took comprehensive approach in their service though there existed 700,000 of them. They can be classified into two categories: majority ones stay on express mail and goods distribution and freight forwarders, transport or storage by the rest. The cost has been doubled than industrialized ones in that many productive
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companies have their own logistics. As contagious effect, growing-number of companies has engaged on outsourcing of logistics which boosts integration
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case - Abstract: The Report on M&A Decision in Logistics...

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