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Chapter 2 The Role of Language in Intercultural Business Communication Essay 1. Discuss the relationship between culture and language. How are cultural priorities apparent in the language? Ans: Page: 40-43 Difficulty: Hard 2. What are considerations in choosing an appropriate foreign language for intercultural business communication purposes? Provide examples. Ans: Page: 46-49 Difficulty: Moderate 3. Discuss different levels of language competency and illustrate the impact on effective business communication. Ans: Page: 49-51 Difficulty: Moderate 4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a company language? Ans: Page: 51-53 Difficulty: Moderate 5. Christian Sorensen from Denmark is going to do business in Japan. He does not speak Japanese and will need an interpreter. What advice would you give him for selecting a good interpreter? Ans: Page: 55-60 Difficulty: Hard 6. Carmen Garcia from Mexico will use an interpreter for her business negotiations in Auckland, New Zealand. What should she do to use the interpreter most effectively? Ans: Page: 55-60 Difficulty: Moderate 7. Discuss the impact of specialized terminology such as jargon and sports terminology on intercultural business communication. Ans: Page: 60-64 Difficulty: Moderate 8. How can knowing the conventions for written communication in other culture help you in becoming a better communicator? Give specific examples of several conventions. Ans: Page: 63-69 Difficulty: Hard 9. How does technology affect intercultural business communication? Ans: Page: 70-74 Difficulty: Hard True/False 10. The language barrier to good intercultural communication can be eliminated by mastery of grammatical rules. Ans: False Page: 40-41 Difficulty: Moderate 11. The physical environment of a culture influences the development of vocabulary. Ans: True Page: 40-41 Difficulty: Moderate 12. Since all cultures share the same basic values, cultures attach the same meanings to these basic values. Ans: False
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Chap02ï¼�ä¸�å¤�æ��第ä¸�ç -...

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