Chap09 - Chapter 9 Intercultural Negotiation Essay 1. How...

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Chapter 9 Intercultural Negotiation Essay 1. How can knowledge of the other team’s culture help a negotiating team reach a successful outcome? Using cultural priorities from the dimensions you have already learned, discuss a specific other culture’s negotiating behavior. 2. Discuss differences in expected outcomes for negotiating teams from high-context and low-context cultures. Difficulty: Hard 3. Explain how members are selected for a negotiating team. What considerations are taken into account? Difficulty: Moderate 4. Describe how three nonverbal factors--site/space, agenda, and use of time--affect negotiation outcomes. Difficulty: Moderate 5. Focus in negotiations may be positive or negative, implicit or explicit, general or specific. Discuss with reference to two contrasted cultures. Difficulty: Hard 6. Define and discuss the four phases in negotiation. Use examples to show how cultures view each phase differently. Difficulty: Hard 7. Negotiation tactics can be very different in high-context cultures and low-context cultures. Discuss some of the differences with reference to specific cultures. Difficulty: Moderate 8. The opening case to Chapter 9 presents Canwell’s experience in China, and the chapter subsequently discusses 12 dimensions of culture (from chapters 3 and 4) that impact the Canwell negotiation. Identify as many of the cultural dimensions as you can that were at work in this negotiation, and discuss their implications for the outcome. Difficulty: Hard 9. Negotiation takes place when at least three basic conditions are in place: a) What are they? b) When might negotiation not be necessary? Difficulty: Easy
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Chap09 - Chapter 9 Intercultural Negotiation Essay 1. How...

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