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This was a hard choice for me, but I have finally settled on Egypt. It was made a bit easier since China was taken. Although many in Egypt are very poor, the country is rich in religion, tourism and the cinema. I worked as an ESL teacher in Egypt for almost two months and although ESL teachers there make a lot of money compared to the locals, it amounts to only about $15US/hour. I have a feeling that by the end of my research I will come to the conclusion that most businesses would not be profitable for me as an American. An Egyptian middle class family can get by on about $200-$400US. There is much about this subject that I don’t understand, so I am excited on what I will discover. Maybe there are business that thatcan be lucrative for Americans there. My academic purpose and my personal purpose for choosing Egypt are one in the same. I hope
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Unformatted text preview: to someday do business there, so I need to do the research before I invest. I may have my experiences there to give me some insight, but I know there is much more to learn when is comes to conducting an international business there. I just noticed on the instructions that I was to put five things that I wanted to learn. Here they are: How has the Arab - Israeli conflict has affected business with the US? What are the emerging markets and where can I, as an American, can make a substantial profit? How can I avoid the potential religious pitfalls as a result of my Christian background? How has the Egyptian government helped or hindered the current economic situation? What countries are currently contributing to the Egyptian economy and what do they get out of it?...
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