Ch. 14 Notes - Ch. 14 -Lipoproteins (particles consisting...

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-Lipoproteins (particles consisting of lipids and specialized proteins) are the primary form of circulating lipid -Their primary function is to transport dietary triacylglycerols to adipose tissue and cholesterol to the liver -Fat storage cells are adipocytes-"giant" fat globules -High concentrations of circulating LDL, measured as serum cholesterol are a prerequisite for atherosclerosis -HDL particles are even smaller and denser than LDL and their primary function is to transport the body’s excess cholesterol back to the liver Fatty Acid Oxidation -The oxidation of fatty acids is a source of metabolic free energy. -In humans, dietary triacylglycerol are the primary source of fatty acids used as metabolic fuels -The concentration of free fatty acids in the body is very low because these molecules are detergents Fatty acids are “activated” before they are degraded -Activation is a two-step reaction catalyzed by acyl-CoA synthetase Look at Figure 14-5 -Formation of acyl-CoA is spontaneous and irreversible -Fatty acids are activated in the cytosol, but oxidation occurs in the mitochondria. Because there is no transport protein for CoA adducts, acyl groups must enter the mitochondria via a shuttle system involving the small molecule carnitine. Beta Oxidation: a pathway with four reactions
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Ch. 14 Notes - Ch. 14 -Lipoproteins (particles consisting...

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