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SeaCell combines lycocell with a small percentage of seaweed. The added seaweed contains calcium, magnesium and Vitamins A and E that are activated by the skin’s heat and moisture. The fabric is porous and because it “breathes” well, it is currently being used mostly in undergarments and athletic wear. Lenpur is a fiber made from the pulp of sustainably cultivated white fir trees. It feels similar to cashmere and is touted as having thermoregulatory, odor-eliminating and ab- sorbent properties. A designer has created a lingerie and loungewear line using Len- pur, which she labels as “pine fiber” on the garments. Ingeo fiber is made from the fermentation of plant sugars in corn. The process begins with maize, and the natural fermentation process eliminates the need for petroleum, which is required in the production of nylon and polyester. Ingeo is resilient, wrinkle- resistant, has better UV resistance than polyester and is hypoallergenic. It does not re- tain moisture and has excellent stain and odor resistance.
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