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Importance of Maintaining Academic Honesty Policy Title: Importance of Maintaining Academic Honesty Policy Name: Course: Instructor: Due Date:
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Honesty is the most critical part of surviving successfully in academics. Right from the beginning of my enrollment at Axia College and pledging them to maintain my academic honesty policy, I have been very keen upon making sure that I fulfill my commitment. The result is that I have learnt to apply the same morality in my professional life as well. I have also realized the fact that the ones who cheat are not cheating anyone but themselves and they won’t be harming anyone but their own self. The purpose to enroll at Axia College is to learn and earn a degree not for the sake of having it, but making sure that I know what the subject really meant. Here, the most important thing is indeed the honesty and ethics of a student. The College and instructors make sure that academic policy is strictly followed to allow genuine learning environment. “To students, academic honesty is a simple way to the personal integrity and professional ethics that will govern their careers path.” (Standards of Academic Honesty) We have been hearing about academic honesty for quite a long and therefore the question always comes to our mind is “Why is it so important to stress so heavily on academic honesty policy?” That is exactly what the rest of the paper is about. In my opinion, education is something which invigorates a student’s learning and thinking process. It brings wisdom, intellect and etiquettes to the personality and re-iterates the moral values of every individual. As a result, academic honesty is necessary since it adds to the development of a student’s personality and is a must-learn skill in order to succeed professionally. As the proverb goes “Honesty is the Best policy,” it is imperative on the students, at first,
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ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY - brownbaby - Importance of...

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