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Build a PowerPoint presentation of 20-30 slides, analyzing a firm of my choosing. The firm I have chosen is  ___, What I'd like to see is a succinct analysis of the following: Introduction to the Company: Mission, Vision, Current Objectives, Where does it compete? How does it  compete? Static and Dynamic Analysis (see Fig. 1.5, page 21 in the text) Performance Diagnosis: Profitability: For the five years ending December 2009, analysis of the company's  profitability, including but not limited to standard financial ratios (see Table 2.2 in text). . Include any projections  for 2010. Liquidity: For the five years ending December 2009, analysis of the company's liquidity, including but  not limited to standard financial ratios (short term and long term). Include any projections for 2010. Cash: For 
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Unformatted text preview: the five years ending December 2010, analysis of the company's cash position, including but not limited to standard financial ratios. Include any projections for 2010. How does the firms performance compare with its competitors in the industry? Industry Analysis: Key success factors. Mature industry? Tech-based industry? Key strategic considerations. Strategic Analysis: Create a balanced scorecard for the firm. Where is the firm headed? What strategies does the firm intend to deploy? Are the strategies in line with the firm's environment? What strategies do you recommend?...
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