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Body Paragraphs - • Read Ch 1 of the Writing Style...

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Week 6 Assignment: Body Paragraphs Due: Sunday, July 25th in the Assignment Section At this point, you are to construct only the body of your expository essay. This first draft of your paper must be complete enough (at least 900 words) for your instructor to provide constructive feedback. Use APA style standards to format in-text citations and references. Resources: Appendix D and Axia College’s Writing Style Handbook
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Unformatted text preview: • Read Ch. 1 of the Writing Style Handbook for Axia College’s formatting guidelines. · Use your topic outline in Appendix D as a guide to develop topic sentences and appropriate types of supporting paragraphs for the body of your expository essay. · Include appropriate transitions within and between paragraphs. · Post your paper as an attachment in the Assignment Section....
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