HRM 240 - Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids

HRM 240 - Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids -...

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Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids Angelic R. Boggs Axia online April 18, 2010 My name is Angelic Boggs, and I am the senior executive for Pro Pharmacy, I will like to take this time to, briefly discuss the benefits that we provide, along with the assets that we provide for our company. The Pro Pharmacy has been in business for over six years, and we are currently expanding our company by providing services. Goals are to provide available resources and training for all employees, new employees and existing employees , with aspirations of providing employees with competitive advantages and profitability. Some of the resources that we provide are job analysis, tips for the selection process, and scripts for orienting new employees, as well as training proposals. Our services will benefit both the company and the employees with available resources, tools and practices in employee training and development. Within this summary, our goal will be to provide our company; in particular our human resources department, with adequate, resourceful, and reliable information to aid to the decision of considering our company’s resources in effectiveness within Pharmacy technician. Below, you will find a table of available aids, which will be, presented throughout this summary. The available aids will describe how they would be, implemented into your company’s strategic plan for effectiveness and development Table One Presentation of Job Analysis Tips for the Selection Process Scripts for Orienting New Employees Training Proposal The presentation of job analysis fits strategically into a company’s overall plan by visually allowing and assisting human resources in observing the expectations, analysis, job descriptions
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and functions along with other related methods for suitable teamwork within the position of a Human Resources Manager. The tips for the selection process fits strategically into a company’s overall plan by knowing, analyzing, and examining the process of employment for a human resources manager. For within this process human resources will be able to know and understand the internal and external recruiting methods, organization of the interview process, and the descriptions of compensation, along with the incentive and benefit plans, for the position of a human resources manager. The scripts for orienting and training new employees will allow human resources the understanding and the benefits of adequately opening, and dispersing important issues which needs to be discussed, or address during the orientation period for human resources managers. In addition, these scripts will allow human resources managers the opportunity to provide and produce firm employee relations. The training proposals of human resources managers will provide human resources with a map
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HRM 240 - Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids -...

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