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Research Paper-Leadership (1)

Research Paper-Leadership (1) - resources Leadership...

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Research Paper Read your textbook “ It’s Your Ship” by Captain Michael Abrashoff.  Develop a research paper consisting of  at least 15 pages based on the leadership styles and traits discussed in this book . Discuss in detail  the principles Captain Abrashoff used in changing the direction of his ship. Apply this to your past and  present experiences in life and current work responsibilities.  At least 10 journal articles must be  utilized for the completion of this paper. APA format must be utilized for the proper citation of 
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Unformatted text preview: resources. Leadership Analysis Paper Select a Leadership/Management book of your choice to read during the eight week term. Please read this book and provide a summary of the material included in the text. Include the relative materials that relate to the class in terms of leadership traits and qualities. This summary paper must be at least 3- 5 pages in length. APA format must be utilized for the paper. BOOK: Who Moved My Cheese (Blanchard)...
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