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ENGL 216 Research Paper Assignment For the research paper, you'll place your own observations within the context of other scholarship, thereby participating in the construction of knowledge. To accomplish this, you need to follow this process: 1. Select a story, poem, play, or combination from the assigned textbook for this course. The work has to be within the periods covered by this class. 2. Research what has been published on your chosen work through (1) the MLA index, (2) EBSCOhost and other databases at www.liberty/edu/library, and (3) the card catalog. Determine which resources address your topic of study. Gather those sources in a way that allows you to discern the various "threads of interpretation" taking place within your topic. 3. Do not cite any reference room material, e.g., MasterPlots, Dictionary of Literary Biography, CLC, TCLC. 4. Do not use Cliff Notes or anything comparable. 5.
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