Resources - Starting Your Research 1 First read through the...

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Starting Your Research 1. First, read through the Dispute settlement page. This explains how the process works and the role of the panel. 2. Click the How Does the WTO Seattle Disputes and review this information. Look up unfamiliar words here: Glossary of Trade & Shipping Terms The Terms of Trade and Other Wonders: Deardorff's Glossary of International Economics 3. Click the Find Dispute Cases link and look up your case or search for your dispute by number. 4. Review your case. You'll see a box titled "Find all documents from this case." Click "all documents" to get a history of the case and what has happened. 5. Move on to researching your country and the case. Comments (0)
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Study Resources International Trade Theory and Policy A free online textbook created by an Economics professor at George Washington University. Information about the WTO and trade law can be found in the 3rd chapter (Chapter 20). Also, browse other chapters for topics that you find confusing or would like to learn more about. Deardorff's Glossary of International Economics Global Political Economy 2e Textbook Online Resources Find a glossary (flashcards), a timeline of key events, and weblinks organized by topic. Newspaper and Magazine Articles Newspaper and magazine articles often summarize trade issues and disputes in terms easier to  understand than the legalese of the WTO site. The following databases contain large collections of newspaper and magazine articles, either general  collections or specifically business-related. Many of these sites are subscription sources paid for by the library. You should be able to access all these  sites off-campus with your A number and banner password. Let me know if you run into any problems. 
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Resources - Starting Your Research 1 First read through the...

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