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Langara College Stat 1181 Final Exam Review Note: You will be provided with statistical tables and a formula sheet. No notes or books will be permitted in the examination room. Of course, use of a pocket calculator will be permitted in the exam; don’t forget to charge it ahead of time. We will not supply calculators.! Any other electronic device including a cell phone must be turned off and stowed away. While reviewing for the final exam, be sure you are familiar with the following topics: Univariate data analysis - type of variables and graphs used to plot them (pie, chart, bar graph, histogram, box plot) - measures of centre and spread (mean, median, range, standard deviation,, variance, inter quartile range); interpreting these measures -measures of Bivariate data analysis - types of bivariate data and graphs used to plot them (scatterplot, side-by-side bar graph) - chi-square analysis: calculating and interpreting an expected count in a cell; supporting conclusions with decision points. - correlation analysis:
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