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Langara College Stat 1181/Darkoh Section 5 Descriptive and Elementary Inferential Statistics Fall 2010 Course Outline Instructor: E. Darkoh Office: Room B019i; Tel: 604 323-5734; email: Office Hrs: T&R; 0930-1125, or by appointment only Langara Network Course Info Folder: O:\FALL\STAT1181-005\Course Materials (Note: In an effort to promote a sustainable environment through reduction of paper usage, all take-home assignments will be posted in the course info folder when scheduled; also, course outline, and solutions for assigned course work, will be found there. There will be no printed copies.) Objective To introduce students to statistical methodology from an intuitive and occasionally mathematical point of view and to lay the foundation for further study in statistics like Stat 2225 or Stat 2281. Emphasis will be on applications and on the underlying assumptions of statistical methods Pre-requisite Math 1153, Math 1171, Math 1173 or Math 1174 with a “C-” grade or higher or equivalent (may be taken concurrently). Transfer credits Langara Credits UBC: Stat2xx(3); Stat1181 Comm290(3) + Comm291(3) + Comm2xx(3); Stat1181 + Stat2225 + Math2310 Stat241(3) or Stat251(3); Stat1181 + Stat2281 Stat200(3) + Stat2xx(3); Stat1181 + Stat2225 SFU: Bus1xx(3); Stat1181 Buec232(4)–Q; Stat1181 + Stat1182 Stat101(3) or Stat201(3)-Q or Stat203(3)-Q; Stat1181 UVic: Stat255(1.5) Stat1181 Required Textbook and Supplements 1. Basic Business Statistics: Concepts and Applications, by Berenson, Levine and Krehbiel ( BLK ), 11 th edition, Pearson/Prentice Hall. 2.
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Course-Outline - Langara College Stat 1181/Darkoh Section 5...

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