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Unformatted text preview: s Raber John Sign, Journal of Documentation, 2003.59.5 Sign 8 ...是一個眾說紛紜的問題 "The definition of Information is a The problem over 50 years since before the term “Information Science” was was coined in 1955. coined • A.D. Madden, A Definition of Information, A.D. Definition Aslib Proceedings vol 52, No9, p343-, 2000.10 Aslib Proceedings vol 9 Information as... "thing, goods "knowledge, power "resource, resource of resources "part of communication "part of as system "… # 在下列文件中收集了二十多種說法: Alvin M. Schrader, In Search of a Name: Information science Alvin and its Conceptual Antecedents, Library and Information and Library 10 10 Science Research...
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