Necessity douglas raber john m budd 2003 douglas raber

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Unformatted text preview: 典藏的推動 4 資訊科技與人文 謝清俊 玄奘大學 講座教授 民國94年6月2日 於新竹交大 5 大綱 "資訊概念的多義性 "媒介、傳播、資訊與文化 " 資訊的界說 " 數位化、虛擬實境與文化 " 結語 6 時下的資訊概念... "Of our mundane and technical concepts, Of information is currently one of the most important, most widely used and least understood. understood. • Luciano Floridi, Two approaches to the philosophy of information, Forthcoming in Mind and Machine information Forthcoming • Luciano Floridi, Open Problems in Philosophy of Open Information, Forthcoming in Metaphilosophy, volume 35, Information volume no.3, April 2004 no.3, 7 資訊概念混淆... "From the perspective of semiotics, From “information” is an ambiguous theoretical is concept because the word is used to represent both signifier and signified, both text and content. text • Douglas Raber & John M. Budd, Information As Dougla...
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