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7.6)most of the registers in the machine have two-way copy capability;that is,you can copy to  them from another register,and you can copy from them to another register.The mar,on other  hand,is always used as a destinatio register;you only copy to the Mar.Explain clearly why this  is so. 11.19)carefully ewplain the differences between a client-server network and a peer-to-peer  network.Compare the Networks in terms of capability and performance. 11.21)Clearly and carefully discuss each of the advantages of clustering. 8.8)carefully discuss what happens when a cache miss occurs.Does this result in a major 
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Unformatted text preview: slowdown in execution of the instruction?If so,Why? 7.14)As computer words get larger and larger,there is a law of diminishing returns:the speed of execution of real application programs does not increase and may,infact,decrease.Why do you suppose that this is so? 7.16)Create the fetch-execute cycle for an instruction that moves a value from general purpose register1 to general purpose register2.Compare this cycle to the cycle for a LOAD instruction.What is the major advantage of the MOVe over the LOAD?...
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