KNH 188 August 25 Lecture 1 Outline

KNH 188 August 25 Lecture 1 Outline - Tuesday 25 August...

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Unformatted text preview: Tuesday 25 August 2009 Tuesday Why are we here? Why so much interest in the issue of Lifestyle & Physical Activity ? Factors ‘fueling’ the interest in Lifestyle & Physical Activity A. ‘Quality of life’ B. Current threats to our Health: Acute vs Chronic B. Acute C. Inadequacy of traditional models to meet threat D. Economics: Money Talks D. Money E. Non-medical factors affect our Health A. “Quality of life” A. What do we really want? Just to be alive or… Being able to do what you want at the appropriate time. Being A. “Quality of Life” Idea A. Q: What information does this chart provide? That is, what can you take away from it? Conversely, what are its limitations? Is it complete? What are some of the reasons the USA might differ from Japan or the other countries? might B. Current threats to our Health: Acute vs Chronic B. Acute What killed us in the past & how did we deal with it? What What Used to Kill Us? What did you have to worry about in 1900? What was the #1 killer at the turn of the 20th Century? Leading Causes of Death 1900 What Is Killing Us Now? What is the #1 killer in the U.S.A.? The #1 killer now The Leading Causes of Death Now Factors ‘fueling’ the interest in Lifestyle & Physical Activity C. Inadequacy of traditional models to meet threat Traditional Medical Model Traditional Medicine Health Promotion Health Premature death Premature Optimal Health -disability-symptom-signs------------knowledge..attitudes..behavior… Neutral Point Neutral Is this an infectious agent? The Medical model is poorly suited to address behaviorally linked disease conditions The What is the approach of medicine to these chronic conditions? What D. Economics: Money Talks D. Money Money Talks U.S. Health Care Cost Increments Since 1950 Traditional Medicine is expensive. If we wait until disability or sickness manifests the cost is Traditional immense. immense. What is the cost of CABG? Coronary Bypass (CABG) Chronic health conditions are linked with1 Higher direct medical costs. Higher Greater job impairment (e.g., presenteeism). Greater Higher rates of disability. Higher Higher sick days and absenteeism. Higher Higher workers' compensation claims. Higher Higher injury rate. Higher Indirect factors such as absenteeism, disability, and job impairment (i.e., presenteeism) can be 2 to 3 times the direct medical costs.1,2 to E. Non-medical factors affect our Health E. Five Observations that illustrate the effect of non-medical factors on health and longevity Five non-medical See Cairns #1. 19th Century: Decrease in Many Diseases Why? The use of cotton instead of wool contributed to a decrease in disease. #2. Decline in Stomach Cancer Did we cure it? Refrigeration is not a medical advance #3. Decline in Mortality From TB: Why? Q: How would you interpret these graphs? How How does the second graph (from 1800) affect our interpretation of the 1st graph? Is there a lesson there in being conservative about conclusions drawn from single pieces of lesson information? information? #4. Epidemiology: Population Differences Population What is distinctive about this the members of the Mormon religion? Can you see the utility of an epidemiological study comparing them to the general population? #5. Female Literacy #5. Resulted in a decline of infant mortality. Why? Why? Q: How does infant mortality affect the average age of death (life span) of a particular population? Phrased differently, How do you “picture” or understand the statistic that the population? average age of death in 1776 was 45 years? Were you on your death bed at age 44? average We have support for the notion that changing behavior & social factors could reap positive results results Ok, so there is a large interest in Lifestyle & PA (for good reason). So what are we supposed to accomplish as individuals and a Nation? individuals Nation Will one size fit all? This will be addressed in subsequent classes Thursday 27 August: History & Epidemiology of Physical Activity Quest for Fitness: Bring a copy of the guiding questions to class ...
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