KNH 188 September 10 Lecture 5 Outline

KNH 188 September 10 Lecture 5 Outline - Lecture 5:...

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Lecture 5: Thursday 8 September Types of study in physical activity and health Epidemiological Mainly observational Allow nature to take its course and analyse relationships between indices of health status and other variables Laboratory-based Mainly experimental Intervene to see what happens to some/all individuals Examples of disease outcomes or dependent variables Simple Graded Disease present Normal weight Disease absent Overweight Obese Risk Factors : low, normal, high Risk Factors: Correlates of Disease These are characteristics that predict (with variable probabilities) the development of certain diseases or events. Some Risk Factors Commonly Measured 1. Blood Pressure 2. Lipids Total Cholesterol HDL Cholesterol LDL Cholesterol 3. Smoking 4. Physical activity or Inactivity Emerging Risk Factors: Homocysteine Diabetes Obesity Types of epidemiological study 1. Case Reports / Case Series Study single patient or group of patients with similar diagnosis Usually report unusual feature
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Example: Autopsy study of Clarence DeMar showed 2-3 x cross-sectional area of coronary arteries BASSLER, T. J. (1975) . Marathon running and immunity to heart disease. Phys. Sports Med. J. 77-80. Counter point: Noakes Ann N Y Acad. Sci . 1977;301:593-619. Case Reports / Case Series A 35-year-old man had been running for at least 10 years before his death in February 1974. His athletic achievements included a best standard marathon time of 2 hours 33* minutes … During
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KNH 188 September 10 Lecture 5 Outline - Lecture 5:...

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