SYL PS135 F07 - Fall 2007 Department of Political Science...

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Fall 2007 Department of Political Science Robert Powell University of California, Berkeley, CA 794 Barrows Hall Office Hours: Wed 2-3 and by appointment Email: G AME T HEORY IN THE S OCIAL S CIENCES Economics 110 Political Science 135 A situation involves strategic interaction if your best course of action depends on what others are going to do and vice-versa. These situations include the competition among firms in an oligopolistic market, the struggle between candidates in an election campaign, and the rivalry between states locked in an arms race. Although originally developed and applied in economics, game theory is now commonly used in political science and is beginning to be applied more widely throughout the social sciences to model strategic interaction. This course offers a non- technical introduction to game theory with a special emphasis on examples and applications drawn from economics, political science, and the other social sciences. The required text is: Prajit K. Dutta, Strategies and Games (Cambrigdge, MA: MIT Press 2000) and should be available at the book store. (If you have trouble finding it be sure to look under PS135 and Econ110.) The book is also online: . The course web site is: . Handouts and problem sets can be downloaded from there. Please check the website before each lecture in case there are handouts for that lecture. Course requirements are problem sets (15%), a midterm (35%), and a final (50%). The final is scheduled for 8-11 a.m., Saturday , December 15 th . If you cannot take the final at this time, you cannot take the class. Outline of Topics to Be Covered
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SYL PS135 F07 - Fall 2007 Department of Political Science...

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