MidF06 - Name:_ SID:_ _ GSI:_ _ GAME THEORY IN THE SOCIAL...

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Name:_____________ SID:______________ _ GSI:______________ _ G AME T HEORY IN THE S OCIAL S CIENCES Political Science 135/Economics 110 Midterm Fall 2006 Q UESTION 1 I NSTRUCTIONS FOR THE M IDTERM : This midterm is open book and open note. Answer all of the following questions, and be sure to justify all of your answers. There are 160 points possible (2 points per minute), and the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of points for that question. Budget your time carefully and good luck. Explain all of your answers. A correct but unexplained answer will not receive full credit. Some questions are easier and some are harder. If you get stuck on a hard question, go on to the easier ones.
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Fall 2006 Question 1 (60 points/30 minutes): In December 2006, North Korea conducts a second nuclear test which, unlike the first, is clearly successful. Two weeks later, North Korea carries out a successful missile test. China and Russia immediately support strong United Nations sanctions which include the interdiction and inspection of all ships leaving North Korean ports in order to prevent North Korea from exporting nuclear material. In the game below, North Korea chooses between trying to sell nuclear material and smuggle it out or not to smuggle. The UN decides whether to interdict a ship by stopping it on the high seas. Ships are large and the amount of nuclear material needed for a bomb is small. Even if the UN searches a ship, there is some chance that it will not find the fissile material. The probability of finding the material if it is on board the ship is f .
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MidF06 - Name:_ SID:_ _ GSI:_ _ GAME THEORY IN THE SOCIAL...

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