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oral-3723-06f - Section 002 Team 10 Control in Future Space...

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ECEN/MAE 3723 Systems I Fall 2006 Oral Presentation November 4, 2004 Presentation beginning in the Morning 10:00am Section 001 Team 1: Control in Future Entertainment Forrest Austin, Melinda Hale, Justin Ward, Jeremy Wooten Team 2: Control in Future Health Care Justin Easley, Grant Heimbach, Osayamen Imade, Aaron Wiseman Team 3: Engineering Thinking in Daily Life Jerus Barnett, Tommy Bezinque, Dustin Gamble, Cody Pinkerman Team 4: Control in Future Transportation Andi Cabe, Toan Ly, Steven Welch, Cameron Zlotogura Team 5: Control in Future Weapon Systems Andrew Byrd, Tyler Deffenbaugh, Kelly Ennen, Nicolle Smith Team 6: Control in Homeland Security Richard Pratter, Branson Rhoads, David Silva-Salcido, Shawn Standfast Team 7: A Memorable Character in Control History Thomas Christian, David McVay, Matthew Dickey, Matthew Legg Team 8: Control in Future Sports Seng-Yiu Chong, Andrew Collier, Kyung-Han Chung, Brian Huckabay, Team 9: Employment Opportunity for Control Engineers Ek-Ching Ngwe, Justin Knight, Brian Potts, Chad Yost
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Unformatted text preview: Section 002 Team 10: Control in Future Space Exploration Matthew Allen, Waleed Al-Rowdan, Alex Fleming, James Lewis, Omogbolahan Jabita Team 11: Promoting Women in Engineering Karla Arelllanes Mendoza, Stephen Nilson, Jennifer Ryan, Aquesha Williams Team 12: Preserving Engineering Ethic Codes Kelli Gosney, Jeffrey Bridges, Americo Fernandez, Corey Byars, Eniza Joel Team 13: Future Sensor Technology Jacob Burton, Daniel Doray, Russell Huddleston, Todd Susan Presentation in 10 min with all team members involving in preparing & presenting the work Group Meeting during the class on October 17, 2006 Email an abstract (1-paragraph) for handout materials (deadline: October 27, 2006) Email the powerpoint file for presentation (deadline: November 2, 2006) Judging criteria: • Technical breadth and depth (30%) • Relevance to the field of control engineering (20%) • Clarity of the presentation (20%) • Adherence to the time limit (10%) • Entertaining (20%)...
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oral-3723-06f - Section 002 Team 10 Control in Future Space...

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