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Econ 181 syllabus - Econ 181 B Macroeconomics Fall 2010...

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Econ 181 B – Macroeconomics Fall 2010 Syllabus Professor: Dr. Monica Cherry Office : 414 Fronczak Hall Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-3:00 Email: and by appointment Communication : I am not on campus MWF. If you need to get in touch with me the best way to communicate with me is to send me an email. If you can not make the times above or the times of the TA please let me know and we’ll set up a different time. Text : Brief Principles of Macroeconomics , by N. Gregory Mankiw 5th edition. (you do not need to purchase this book since you will have access to an e-book when you buy Aplia) ) (However some students may prefer to have the traditional book but it’s up to you.) Course Description : The goal of this course is for the student to be able to understand the important measurements used to evaluate the overall economy, how the overall economy works and what policies, if any the government should take to assist in the improvement of the economy. We begin with a review of some fundamental principles of economics and then learn some of the important measurements used in the evaluation of the economy such as GDP, inflation, unemployment and deficits. We then develop models which will assist us in understanding how the aggregate economy works and what factors lead to problems in the overall economic situation. Lastly we explore what role the government should play in stabilizing the economy. We will also spend a lot of time through out the semester exploring the distinction between market and government allocation of resources and explore when each of these is preferable. You are required to purchase Aplia! (You must register for this right away although you don’t have to pay for it until September 19 th ) Please see the information on the last two pages to see how to purchase and register for aplia THE APLIA PROBLEM SETS : Students will be accessing Aplia online throughout the semester in order to submit the required problem sets. There are two kinds of Aplia problem sets for each book chapter: 1) Graded Problem Sets : These must be submitted and will be counted towards the grade. Upon completion of a page of questions, students have two options: they can save their work and continue on to the next page of questions (the way Aplia problem sets have traditionally worked), or they can request immediate feedback by clicking “Grade It Now.” This will display which questions on the page were answered correctly and incorrectly, with detailed explanations for each question. If students are happy with their
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This note was uploaded on 12/26/2010 for the course ECO 181 taught by Professor Cherry during the Fall '07 term at SUNY Buffalo.

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Econ 181 syllabus - Econ 181 B Macroeconomics Fall 2010...

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