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Paper Assignment — Introductory Psychology (PSY 101 T) — Fall 2010 Use an example from your own life, from the life of someone you know, or from your imagination that illustrates the existence, development, and continuation of real life conditioning. Your paper must include the following elements: 1. Explain the background for your conditioning example (i.e., briefly set up your example). (2 pts) 2. Identify whether your example is classical or operant conditioning. Why? What distinguishes it from the other? (4 pts) 3. Identify the critical elements in your example (8 pts) a. If Classical, label and explain the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), conditioned stimulus (CS), unconditioned response (UCR), and conditioned response (CR). b. If Operant, label and explain the instrumental behavior, whether it is reinforcement or punishment example, whether the reinforcement/punishment is positive or negative, and the nature of the specific reinforcement schedule. In discussing the schedule, you need to
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PaperAssignment101 - Paper Assignment Introductory...

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