Evaluation why I should receive an A in my HUM 170

Evaluation why I should receive an A in my HUM 170 - In the...

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Evaluation why I should receive an A in my HUM 170-2 “Humanites Survey” Class The class consists of the four subjects: Art, Music, Literature and poetry. In this course we have seen many classic and historic movies, where art and music were an important part of the concept. We have met many important different actors from the American history . For example in art we have watched the movie Jackson Pollock, where we have learned about the biography of Jackson Pollock. The movie was released in 2000, directed by ED Harres. We also watched Amadeus for the music section to learn about Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart. after we watched the movies we have discussed about them where I also learned a lot.
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Unformatted text preview: In the class we have also used a book called “Perceiving The Art An Introduction to the Humanities” 8 th Edition written by Dennis J. Sporre. We learned a lot of theory out of the book about introduction what are the arts and how do we respond to and eveluate them? (Chapter1), pictures: drawing, painting, printmaking and photography (Chapter2), scupture (Chapter3) and music(Chapter4). Sense I always attended class I never missed out information in the class. Regarding to the many quizzes we have took we were able to be more prepared for the classes. In the mentioned sentenced , because of attandance and quizzes where I always got high grades, I should receive an A....
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