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Michigan State University College of Engineering EGR 102 INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING MODELING (Spring 2010) Lecture Homework 6 Issued: Friday, February 26, 2010 Due: Friday (in lecture), March 5, 2010 1. The following MATLAB commands calculate 1,000! (i.e., 1000 · 999 · 998 ··· 2 · 1): >> x=1 ; >> for i = 1:1000 >> x=x*i; >> end >> x Now, write MATLAB commands on paper to add the ±rst 1,000 even numbers (i.e., 2+4+6+8+. ..). Likewise use a for loop structure to solve this problem. 2. You borrow $300,000 for 30 years with a 5% annual interest rate (not uncommon for a home loan). You will make equal annual payments to pay o² the loan. Write MATLAB commands on paper to determine your annual payment and what portion
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Unformatted text preview: problem. 3. Recall that the bungee jumper problem may be solved iteratively with Eulers method, i.e., v i +1 = v i + ( g-c d m v i ) t. Draw a owchart to calculate the velocity of a bungee jumper initially at rest at t = 1,000 sec with t = 0.001 sec. Use a while loop structure to solve this problem. Also, use the owchart symbols on page 32 of the lecture notes. Your owchart should include terminal blocks to indicate the start and end of your owchart and input/output blocks to read in the values of g , c d , and m and print the value of the velocity at t = 1000 sec....
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