proj05 - CSE 231 Spring 2010 Programming Project 05 This...

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CSE 231 Spring 2010 Programming Project 05 This assignment is worth 40 points (4.0% of the course grade) and must be completed and turned in before 11:59 on Monday, February 22, 2010. This is a two week deadline because of the midterm on Feb 18. Assignment Overview The learning objectives of this project are to further increase your skills with loops and conditionals, as well as working more with strings. This project will also introduce the use of an external library and the use of lists Background The “We Feel Fine” project, located at has recently gotten a lot of press. Go there, take a look, then come back here. They describe their project as follows: At the core of We Feel Fine is a data collection engine that automatically scours the Internet every ten minutes, harvesting human feelings from a large number of blogs. Blog data comes from a variety of online sources, including LiveJournal , MSN Spaces , MySpace , Blogger , Flickr , Technorati , Feedster , Ice Rocket , and Google . We Feel Fine scans blog posts for occurrences of the phrases "I feel" and "I am feeling. … Once a sentence containing "I feel" or "I am feeling" is found, the system looks backward to the beginning of the sentence, and forward to the end of the sentence, and then saves the full sentence in a database. Once saved, the sentence is scanned to see if it includes one of about 5,000 pre-identified "feelings". This list of valid feelings was constructed by hand, but basically consists of adjectives and some adverbs. The full list of valid feelings, along with the total count of each feeling, and the color assigned to each feeling. Our goal is to provide a text interface to their “feelings” discovery process and report on the results of
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proj05 - CSE 231 Spring 2010 Programming Project 05 This...

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