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MEEN 260 Introduction to Engineering Experimentation Lecture 3: Experiment Design and Introduction to Course Project Reza Langari* Department of Mechanical Engineering Texas A&M University [email protected] *Incorporates a number of slides from Brian Rasmussen, TAMU MEEN, Copyright 2008. Experiment Design Process Define the objectives Verify an existing or a new theory Characterize an existing or new device/system Explore a new idea/concept Determine relevant quantities Direct measurements Indirect measurements Select appropriate sensors Form, fit and function Cost Accuracy Reliability Signal conditioning Amplification Filtering Case Studies I Beam Vibration Added Mass Cantilever Beam Support Frame Piezoelectric Accelerometer II–Aircraft Engine Defining Objectives Variables: Engine thrust Inlet air temperature Compression ratios (per stage) Turbine speed Sensors Load cell Temperature and pressure probes
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3 - ExperimentDesignProcess MEEN260...

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