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MEEN 260 Laboratory Manual 1 S TATISTICAL A NALYSIS AND R EGRESSION Created June 20, 2007, B. Rasmussen Last updated Aug. 26, 2009, B. Rasmussen Purposes of the Experiment To illustrate basic concepts in statistical data analysis, including: random sampling, probability distributions, population vs. sample statistics, central limit theorem, analysis, and regression. Privacy Note This lab requires one or more members of your lab group to measure personal medical information (pulse rate). If you are uncomfortable recording or disclosing this information, you may decline to participate. If you choose to do so, you should meet with the laboratory TA or course instructor to identify a suitable alternative. Theory The necessary theory for this lab can easily be found in your textbook or online. Please review the necessary concepts covered by this lab before coming to your lab session. Prelab Exercise Answer the following questions: 1) Explain the difference between population statistics and sample statistics. 2) Briefly explain the difference between a probability mass function (PMF) and probability density function (PDF). 3) Review and summarize the Central Limit Theorem. What can you expect regarding the data to be taken in Part 2 of this lab? What is the underlying population distribution? What will be the probability distribution for the set of sample means? Are they the same? Why or why not? 4) How do you determine if a set of samples come from a normal distribution? 5) How do you determine if two populations are significantly different based on samples from each?
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MEEN 260 Laboratory Manual 2 6) Review the process of regression. How do you calculate the coefficients for a linear
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lab03 - MEEN 260 Texas A&M University Laboratory Manual...

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