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Department of Mechanical Engineering MEEN 260 Measurement and Instrumentation in Mechanical Engineering Fall 2010 Notes Concerning Exam #1 10/11/2010 Exam #1 will take place on Wednesday, 10/20/10, in Rm 106 CHEN Building(our regular class- room.) Here are a few comments concerning this exam: The exam will cover lecture material up to and including the lecture on 10/11/09 and the related assignments up and including Assignment #6 on Strain Measurement. Topics such as temperature measurement briefly discussed on 10/13/09 will not be covered on this exam. These will be addressed on Exam #2 along with material to be covered in subsequent weeks. There may be peripheral references to the lab material but the emphasis will be on the lectures and assignments. You should understand such key concepts as how basic sensor based data acquisition systems operate and how common sensors we have used in the lab such as accelerometers and LVDTs are effectively used in mechanical engineering. Lecture notes are clearly important and supersede the text specially in cases where I have typeset
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