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Abstracts - The actual format of the abstract is again a...

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ABSTRACTS Technical abstracts may be described as “results oriented,” meaning they give the important results of a laboratory experiment, or a study. The following are not found in the typical abstract: equations, tables, figures and references. (A simple equation might be given if the results of the study or experiment could appear as parameters in the equation.) In an abstract, briefly tell what you did and give the results, in a few sentences. Abstracts are generally not broken into paragraphs; they are too short. The cliché “short and sweet” applies.
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Unformatted text preview: The actual format of the abstract is again a matter of editor or instructor choice. The following example abstract is for a paper in which growth curve analysis was applied to crude oil discovery and production to forecast the amount of recoverable crude oil in the United States. Abstract —Growth curve analysis is applied to crude oil discovery and production data from 1859 to 1991 to predict an ultimate recovery of 181 billion bbls from the conterminous U.S. and 217 billion bbls including Alaska....
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