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MEEN 315-501 Midterm Exam Topics for Review This list is not a definitive list of what will be covered on the midterm!! This list represents the minimum set of skills and topics that you should be proficient at for this exam. 1.) Properties of pure substances 2.) Fixing the state of a pure compressible substance (important!) 3.) Pressure and Force 4.) Energy as a property 5.) The concept of mechanical energy and power 6.) Efficiency of a system - Mechanical – (net work or power) / (input work or power)
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Unformatted text preview: -Thermal (net work or power) / (heat transfer input) see HW 05 -Recall efficiency is simply defined as: how much I got divided by how much I paid. 7.) Work relations Boundary work, electrical work, spring work 8.) Boundary work -P = Konstant -Polytropic process and its significance -PV = Konstant 9.) The first law of thermodynamics for a closed system (e.g. HW 05) 10.) Technical writing general questions (read those documents!)...
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