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HW4 - MEEN 315-501 HW 04 1 A 9-m3 container is filled with...

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MEEN 315-501 HW 04 1) A 9-m 3 container is filled with 300 kg of R-134a at 10 . What is the specific enthalpy of the R-134a in the container? 2) Refrigerant-134a at 200kPa and 25 flows through a refrigeration line. Determine its specific volume. 3) One pound-mass of water fills a container whose volume is 2 ft 3 . The pressure in the container is 100 psia. Calculate the total internal energy and enthalpy in the container. 4) 2-lbm of water at 500 pisa initially fill the 1.5-ft 3 left chamber of a partitioned system. The right chamber’s volume is also 1.5 ft 3 , and it is initially evacuated. The partition is now ruptured and heat is transferred to the water until its temperature is 200 ° F. Determine the final pressure of water, in psia, and the total internal energy, in BTU, at the final state. 5) Under what conditions is the ideal-gas assumption suitable for real gases? And what is the difference between R and R u ? How are these two related?
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