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MEEN 315-501 Team Project Fall 2010 Your small engineering consulting firm (4 people max) has been hired by Cheese Frog Turbo Propulsion Inc. to perform an analysis of a newly developed turbine. Your company is to use its state of the art software, EES, to develop a thermodynamic model for the company. Your consulting firm is to deliver a short 5 – 8 page technical memo outlining the analysis methods, EES models, diagrams and results to Cheese Frog Turbo Propulsion Inc. by Wednesday December 1, 2010. Below is the technical data provided by CFTP: Important: Please include: abstract, theory (first law analysis, equations, conservation of mass etc), results, discussion, conclusion and REFERENCES!!!
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Unformatted text preview: All equations must be correctly formatted and numbered. Format all figures and tables correctly. You need to include at least one of each. At least 3 in-text citations with proper referencing. Also include a correctly formatted reference page. I expect excellent writing samples grammar, spelling, stylistic errors will be penalized heavily. This is a technical memo. It should be written and presented professionally. Sloppy work will be heavily penalized. Only four people max per group. This paper will be worth 10% of your grade so do your best. I will be more than happy to look over your work before submitting....
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