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writing assignment 3

writing assignment 3 - ENGR/PHIL482Fall, Background ,and

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ENGR/PHIL 482—Fall, 2010—Writing Assignment 3 Background The oil spill resulting from the blowout of the Macondo well drilled by BP off the coast of Louisiana has led to calls for increased regulation of offshore drilling, and in particular for regulations requiring licensed professional engineers to design or approve certain aspects of drilling and well completions operations. In fact, new federal regulations will now require certain activities involved in exploratory and production drilling and well completion to be performed or approved by a licensed engineer. In addition, this incident has refocused attention on the “industry exemption” that is a feature of engineering registration in many states, including Texas. Texas State regulations (see extracts of the Engineering Practices Act below) require anyone engaged in the practice of engineering in Texas to be licensed as a professional engineer. The so called “industry exemption” to this regulation allows unlicensed individuals working exclusively for private entities and not offering services to the public to perform engineering duties for that private employer. These regulations were authorized by state law which was originally adopted after the 1937 natural gas explosion in the New London, Texas school building, in order to prevent such unacceptable future risks to the public. Chapter 1001 <selected extracts> Section 1001.301. License Required (a) A person may not engage in the practice of engineering unless the person holds a license issued under this chapter. <snip> Section 1001.003. Practice of Engineering (b) In this chapter, “practice of engineering” means the performance of or an offer or attempt to perform any public or private service or creative work, the adequate performance of which requires engineering education, training, and experience in applying special knowledge or judgment of the mathematical, physical, or engineering sciences to that service or creative work.
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