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PAPER ASSIGNMENT #2 Jonathan Markovitz Muir 40 Summer 3-4 page double spaced plan. Due Monday, 7/21. Jamaica Kincaid's Annie John provides opportunities to examine the world in provocative ways. Your job is to analyze our society as Kincaid presents it. Because your paper will only be around 10 pages(as opposed to the 148 pages that Kincaid uses), you cannot hope to give a complete analysis of the entire society. Instead, you should focus on parts of the society that you find particularly intriguing or troubling. The first, and the more difficult, possibility for your paper is to choose one scene, and write about how that scene relates to the rest of the book. How are some of the novel's central themes illustrated in this scene? Your explanation of this scene will be your argument, and you will need to support it with evidence from the rest of the text. Remember, I am not asking for your opinion about this society, but for your analysis of Kincaid's presentation of this society.
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Unformatted text preview: Another possibility is to trace one theme that you can identify as an important part of the book. Important themes in the novel include abandonment, socialization, and rebellion/transgression. How is the theme you choose played out throughout the text? What importance does this theme have for the novel? (For example: you could argue that the idea of transgression is important because of the ways it enables you to look at Annie, her mother, their relationship, the Red Girl, etc.) You should remember that many of the themes in the book are interrelated, so if you choose to deal with one theme, you may well touch on others. (To use the same example, a discussion of Annie's transgressions would probably touch on the Red Girl, which could lead to a discussion of gender roles and socialization. ..) Again, I am not asking for your opinion about these themes, and you will need to support your discussion with evidence from the text....
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