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INR-Chapter3-Liberalism outline

INR-Chapter3-Liberalism outline - International Relations...

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International Relations Chapter 3 outline: Contending Perspectives I. Theories A. Theory: a set of propositions and concepts that seeks to explain phenomena by specifying the relationships among the concepts. 1. Predicts phenomena (idealistically) B. Hypotheses: testable; specific statements positing a particular relationship between two or more variables. 1. Concerned with probabilities and tolerant of ambiguity of historical datas. C. Three theoretical perspectives 1. Liberalism (Neo-liberalism) 2. Realism (Neo-realism) 3. Radical Marxism II. Theory and levels of Analysis A. Three levels of Analysis: allows for logical deduction and enables us to explore all categories of explanation. 1. Individual level- personality, perceptions, choices, and activities of individual decision makers and individual participants provide explanation. 2. State level- (domestic factors) explanation derived from characteristics of state: type of government, economic system, interest groups, national interest.
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