INR-Chapter 3-Radicalism

INR-Chapter 3-Radicalism - imperialism(expansion of certain...

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International Relations 2002 Radicalism outline I. Radicalism A. Marx’s thought are fundamental to radicalism; they are concerned with (1) explaining the relationship between the means of production, social relations and power and use historical analysis as basis of developing thought. B. The importance of production process and primacy of economics to explain most phenomena through historical analysis sets radicals apart from liberals and realists. C. The structure of the global system, which is hierarchical and largely the byproduct of
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Unformatted text preview: imperialism (expansion of certain economic forms into other areas of the world.) D. Hobson theorized why expansion occurs: 1. Overproduction of goods and services in the more developed countries 2. Under consumption by workers and lower classes in developed nations because of lower wages 3. Over saving by the upper classes and the bourgeoisie in the dominant developed countries...
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