INR-Chapter 3-Realism outline

INR-Chapter 3-Realism outline - International Relations...

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International Relations 2002 Realism (Neo-realism) Outline I. Realism A. Based on the view of individual as primarily selfish and power seeking. (Individuals are organized into states, each of which acts in a unitary way in pursuit of its own national interest-power.) B. Rely on balance of power of other states and deterrence to keep international system intact and non-threatening. C. Exists under assumption of anarchy [rely on themselves] II. Thucydides in Realism A. Four tenets of Realism 1. The state is the principal actor In war and politics 2. State assumed to be a unitary actor 3. Decision makers acting in the name of the state are assumed to be rational 4. Concerned with security issues, state needs to protect itself from enemies (foreign/ domestics) B. Believed Sparta went to war with Athens in Fear [ honor, interest ]. 1. Honor-not popular reasoning for war 2. 2. Interest-states must take the resources they need to survive. (offensive realists) C. Role of leading(key) individuals make a difference in state behavior
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INR-Chapter 3-Realism outline - International Relations...

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