INR-Polarity outline - International Relations 2002...

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International Relations 2002 International System-Realist perspective Outline I. Characterize International System; as anarchic-no authority above the state; sovereign. A. Traditional realists states act and shape the system. B. Neorealists believe states are constrained by structure of system. II. Polarity A. Refers to the number of blocs of states that exert power in the international system; polarity focuses on power. 1. Multipolarity: if there are a number of influential actors in international system. a. Balance of power; stability threatened when only three states b. Alliances occur for a purpose; short-term c. War meant to preserve balance 2. Bipolarity: alliances are long-term, based on permanent, not shifting interests. 1. More frequent war 2. Unipolarity: hegemon- one group or state commanding influence over international system. III. System Management stability A. Polarity is important to realist international system relates to system management and stability. 1.
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INR-Polarity outline - International Relations 2002...

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