AMH-Chapter 23 outline - American History 2020 Chapter 23...

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American History 2020 Chapter 23 Outline- Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age [1869-1896] I. Post – Civil War Republic A. Civil War aftermath saw population explosion in the following decades, as well as extravagance, (over)-speculation, waste and graft. B. Instead of “a new birth of freedom”, postwar era got political corruption and stalemate with President Grant. 1. Waving the bloody shirt”: revival of gory war victories, first used by Northern Republicans for Grant’s presidency, to boost enthusiasm for votes. (*Vote as you Shoot) 2. To remain in power, Northern Republicans had to remain in control of the South through military Reconstruction. C. Political Party views [1868] 1. Republicans-North- desired continued Reconstruction of the south with military. Pro- Grant. 2. Democrats-South- denounced military Reconstruction of south; called for redemption in greenbacks with the “Ohio idea”. Pro-Seymour. II. The Era of Good Stealings A. Jubille Jim Fisk and Jay Gould; two millionaire con-artists; Treasury withheld Gold market to gain profit. 1. “Black Friday”-consequence of Treasury releasing the Gold Market, causing gold price to plunge.
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AMH-Chapter 23 outline - American History 2020 Chapter 23...

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