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AMH-chapter 24 outline - American History 2020 Chapter 24...

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American History 2020 Chapter 24 Outline- Industry Comes of Age [1865-1900] I. Industrial Consequences A. Government-business shaped politics post civil-war with transformation by industrial revolution (railroad) 1. Increased railroads which promised national unity and economic growth 2. Railways also increased monetary value of land 3. Railroad construction also led to over-speculation, corruption and bankruptcy B. Two main railroads – construction caused conflicts with native Indians; both connected the coasts together. 1. Union Pacific 2. Central Pacific 3. Met in Ogden, Utah II. “Big Four” A. Controlled financing of all major enterprises in America 1. Cornelius Vanderbilt a. Wealthy from steamboat industry; got into railroad construction and made improvements (1)replaced iron with steel, (2) standard gauges III. Railroad Revolution A. Railway business replaced agriculture as Americans biggest business; but increased economy through national market.
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