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American History 2020 Chapter 27 Outline Empire and Expansion [1890-1909] I. Americas Imperialism A. Agriculture and Manufacturing businesses were booming; desired expansion off American shorelines. B. “Yellow press”-John Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst further whetted expansion appetite. 1. Spreading of Anglo-Saxon civilization, religion and values to others. C. Roosevelt and Lodge, used social Darwinism to project expansion as survival of the fittest. 1. Further depicted by the division of Africa and China by Europeans in 1880s. D. America’s international interests manifested through Blaine’s Big Sister Policy with Latin America; opened Latin American markets to Yankees and rallied for Latin support for U.S. II. Diplomatic crises and near-wars A. American –German; 1889, fight over Samoan Islands B. American-Italian;1891, lynching of 11 Italians in New Orleans C. American-Chilean;1892, death of 2 U.S. sailors off Valparaiso port D. American-Canadianl;1893,Seal hunting off coast of Alaska E. American-British; 1895-1896, boundary dispute of Venezuela and British Guiana for gold. 1.
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AMH-Chapter 27 Outline - American History 2020 Chapter 27...

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